Avocat at the Paris Bar               

                      Master II Droit de la Santé

                      Master II Droit Privé général


Ombeline Degrèze-Péchade has been an Avocat at the Paris Bar for eight years.

Ombeline first studied medecine, which gave her a scientific background:

  • in general and organic chemistry,
  • in cellular biology,
  • in biochemistry,
  • in molecular biology,
  • as well as in physics and biophysics.

Ombeline then studied law at the University of Poitiers where she received a Bachelor's degree in fundamental law covering the major subjects of private law and public law, with high honors.

Ombeline obtained a Master II degree in healthcare law at the University of Poitiers and a Master II degree in general private law at the University of Paris I Pantheon La Sorbonne.

In line with this education and the experience gained, Ombeline has specialized in:

  • patent litigation, in the pharmaceutical (generic and innovative laboratories) and cosmetics sectors, but also in other technologies (especially in optics and mechanics),
  • pharmaceutical law and its regulatory aspects regulatory»,
  • civil product liability (in all areas of industry: steel-metallurgy, building materials, agro-food, industrial chemistry, industrial boilers and burners, medical devices, etc.).

Ombeline speaks English and Spanish proficiently.