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Aristide TENAN is the Office Manager of the firm SCHERTENLEIB AVOCATS.

Il possède plus de 10 ans d’expérience en administration et de gestion dans différents secteurs, principalement dans les services des relations publiques et de la gestion de centres d’affaires.

Aristide is responsible for the general administration of the firm and provides administrative and senior management support to employees.

He is in charge of the administrative procedures and uses his organizational skills to ensure smooth operations within the firm.

As a true "multi-skilled" professional, Aristide ensures the overall smooth running of the firm and is the guarantor of the quality of life at work at SCHERTENLEIB AVOCATS.

Beyond essential missions such as: management, accounting, commercial negotiation, general services, organization of meetings, his willingness to invest himself to be more successful is an integral part of his professional life.

Email: at@schertenleib-avocats.com